Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the Most Cost Effective Way of Getting Free, Well Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Make your site the natural answer for the Google search leading to your website – the search engine results people trust the most.

Google has become the world’s primary tool for accessing and retrieving information. YouTube which is owned by Google has become the second most popular search engine on the Internet. Knowing how to make the two work together to drive traffic to your website is stronger by far than either one alone.

Seventy to eighty percent of web searchers don’t go past the first page of a search. About fifty percent click the top three results. If your site is on page two you miss major traffic which is why you need professional SEO services to stay ahead of the competition.

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How We Help Your Business Grow

The SEO process begins with a free evaluation of your website to see where you are and need to go. We look at the current level of optimization and rankings of your website and arrive at what are the best strategies to improve your online visibility. No two websites are the same and we offer a variety of services that fit your exact needs and budget ranging from on-site technical SEO and FAQs writing to off-site link building and video services.

Technical SEO

Search engine spiders that crawl your website for ranking view your content very differently than human visitors. There are over two hundred known elements to Google’s ranking algorithms, most of which are very difficult for humans to see without specialized software, knowledge and most importantly – insight. We make your website work for both human visitors and search engines.

Content Marketing

The most important way you position yourself on Google is as an authority site providing answers to the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs in your field. Creating original keyword targeted copy and videos that educates and provides answers to the actual queries people are running on Google is key to demonstrating your expertise that enables you to climb in the rankings – and most crucially – convert more visitors to customers and clients.

Video Services

Many subjects are conveyed best by video. But because search engine spiders are blind and can’t see how beautiful your videos are, it requires special optimization techniques and practices to make your video rise to the top of the rankings quickly. Combining the best elements of print optimization on your website with video content that people spend time watching – time that search engines measure – builds all rankings for both SEO and video faster than either one alone.

Steve Penny

Steve Penny

Helped pioneer the Internet in 1984 when he was asked to present to Apple Computer the first consumer software program for publishing online that today has come to be known as a website.

Author of  HOW TO GET GRANTS TO MAKE FILMS & VIDEO and has taught media production for the American Film Institute Nationwide.

Author of HIRING THE BEST PEOPLE he has been asked to speak at most of the largest Human Resource Conferences in the country on how to get information that’s honest and has real value in the hiring interview.

“I feel I’m doing my best work when I’m helping others be better communicators.” Read more…

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SEO Services: Ten Ways a Spider’s Eye View of Your Website Helps You

Receive in-depth keyword research. Target the exact keyword phrases people are searching the Internet to find you.

Receive expert SEO copy writing recommendations that are keyword targeted in terms of keyword quantity, density and position on your website.

Optimize title tags, body text and headlines, your meta descriptions of important landing pages, internal links text, URLs and the other top 30 ranking factors where appropriate.

Determine your site’s link popularity. See what websites link to your site, one of the most important ranking factors on Google.

Track the immediate results with two ranking reports.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Every website has a unique market with varying degrees of content and optimization already in place. The single greatest determinate of how much initial time needs to be spent on your site depends entirely upon how closely Google’s Webmaster Guidelines were followed when it was created.  Google publishes these guidelines to make sites that work on search engines and must be followed for a site to reach its full potential.

For an initial SEO Audit and recommendations, think in terms of a $1,000 commitment to get started for ten hours of work on your site at the rate of $110 an hour.  How we proceed from there can be determined as we go based upon your specific needs and budget after we cover the most important technical SEO issues in the initial review of your site.

Google never stops changing and the top competition never stops their efforts to get the top ten most valued spots. So SEO should be viewed as an ongoing process to meet or beat the competition.

Please contact us for a no-obligation review of your site.

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