The Information Revolution

In 1984 I was teaching a class on THE INFORMATION REVOLUTION: HOW TO MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU at 17 California State Universities and Colleges on the emerging computer revolution.

I was approached by Steve Russ and Curtis Koppel asking me to present to Apple Computer their new online publishing program that was the first consumer software that could publish what today we call a website.

Covid-19: 3 Simple Tips That Can Save Your Life

I was in Thailand in February 2020 when the Corona Virus first appeared outside of China and flew to New Zealand to avoid the flu season in the Northern Hemisphere …

I want to share with you my first hand experience of Covid-19 – 3 Simple Tips That Can Save Your Life that are my biggest take aways from actually having had Covid-19 rather than simply reading about it in terms of what to expect if you get the virus – and why you want to do everything you can to avoid getting Covid-19 to and the long term neurological affects that are unlike any flu you’ve ever had.